Application to invite a Westar lecturer

Thank you for your interest in having a Westar lecturer visit your community! The following application form should be filled out. You will be contacted within one week of completing this form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email:

Your name:




Phone number:

Email address:

Dates: When would you like to host this event? Please provide a few options or explain your schedule constraints.

Preferred Lecturer/Topics: Please consult the list of speakers and tell us if you have any preferences regarding the lecturer or specific topics.

Public lecture: Please indicate the venue and potential attendance for the public lecture.

Other activities: Please indicate how your community would like to maximize the impact of this visit by an astronomer. You may select one or more events from the list below. Your community would be responsible for organizing these events but we could provide support.

Teachers workshop – If the lecturer is comfortable hosting a teachers workshop, this may also be requested in the application. An astronomy education expert from our partner program Discover the Universe may collaborate with the host and the lecturer to train elementary and/or secondary teachers in your area. The workshop would be free to teachers and would not entail any fee for your organization.

Classroom visits – The astronomer could visit elementary or secondary classrooms to discuss astronomy in general and his/her work.

Star party – Observing sessions with telescopes. We can help connect you with local amateur astronomers to organize this event.

Youth Group visit – Our astronomer would love to give additional talks for local Scouts, Girl Guides, afterschool programs, community centres, etc.

Interview in local media – Let your community know about this expert in town! Contact local TV stations, radio or newspapers to set up an interview with the astronomer.

Other – We would love to hear your ideas! Please indicate in the section below.

Event details: Please provide information on how you plan to organize these activities (partners, venues, preliminary schedule)

Please let us know how you feel your group will benefit from a visit by an astronomer.

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