Letters Patent

WHEREAS an application has been filed to incorporate a corporation under the name


THEREFORE the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs by virtue of the power vested in him by the Canada Corporations Act, constitutes the applicants and such persons as may hereafter become members in the corporation hereby created, a body corporate and politic in accordance with the provisions of the said Act. A copy of the said application is attached hereto and forms part hereof.

Date of Letters Patent – February 4, 1983.

GIVEN under the seal of office of the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs.

(Original signed by the Deputy Registrar General of Canada) (Recorded 15th February, 1983: Film 492 Document 48)

TO: The Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs of Canada

I– The undersigned hereby apply to the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs for the grant of a charter by letters patent under the provisions of Part II of the Canada Corporations Act constituting the undersigned, and such others as may become members of the Corporation thereby created, a body corporate and politic under the name of


The undersigned have satisfied themselves and are assured that the proposed name under which incorporation is sought is not the same or similar to the name under which any other company, society, association or firm, in existence is carrying on business in Canada or is incorporated under the laws of Canada or any province thereof or so nearly resembles the same as to be calculated to deceive, except that of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada which has signified its consent to the use of the same name and that it is not a name which is on public grounds objectionable.

II– The applicants Dr. Victor Gaizauskas, Dr. John M. MacLeod, Dr. Ernest R. Seaquist, Dr. D. Richard Bochonko, Dr. William H. McCutcheon, Dr. Alan H. Bridle, and Dr. Christopher J. Pritchet are individuals of the full age of twenty-one years with power under law to contract. The said persons will be the provisional Directors and officers of the Corporation. III– The objects of the Corporation are:

A. To promote and advance astronomy and related sciences;

B. To promote and advance the knowledge of the members in connection with astronomy and related sciences;

C. To facilitate the study and teaching of astronomy and related sciences by professional astronomers;

D. To establish or operate or assist in the establishment or operation of scientific projects;

E. To hold or participate in conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the presentation of scientific papers and the discussion of astronomical and related problems;

F. To make representations to the people, institutions and government of Canada and elsewhere on behalf of the professional astronomers of Canada;

G. To enter into any arrangements with any authorities, federal, provincial, municipal, local or otherwise, and including non- Canadian authorities, which may seem conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Corporation or any of them, and to obtain from any such authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the Corporation may think it is desireable to obtain, and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions;

H. To apply for, raise and receive grants, gifts, donations, legacies, devices and bequests and to hold, administer, invest, expand or deal with the same in furtherance of the objects of the Corporation;

I. To purchase, acquire or take by grant, gift, device, bequest or donation for the purposes of the Corporation and the furtherance of its objects, but for no other purposes, and to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of and, subject to the provisions of Section 65 of the Canada Corporations Act, to mortgage any real or personal property;

J. To establish, undertake, superintend, administer or contribute to any fund from which may be made grants or awards to persons contributing to the advancement of astronomy or related sciences;

K. To do all such other things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the above objects of the Corporation .

IV– The operations of the Corporation may be carried on throughout Canada and elsewhere.

V– The place within Canada where the head office of the Corporation is to be situated is in the Municipality of Richmond Hill, in the District of York, in the province of Ontario.

VI– In accordance with section 65 of the Canada Corporations Act, it is provided that, when authorised by bylaw, duly passsed by the Directors and sanctioned by at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a meeting of the members duly called for considering the bylaw, the Directors of the Corporation may from time to time

(a) borrow money upon the credit of the Corporation;
(b) limit or increase the amount to be borrowed;
(c) issue debentures or other securities of the Corporation;
(d) pledge or sell such debentures or other securities for such sums and at such prices as may be deemed expedient; and,
(e) secure any such debentures, or other securities, or any other present or future borrowing or liability of the Corporation, by mortgage, hypothec, charge or pledge of all or any currently owned or subsequently acquired real and personal, movable and immovable, property of the Corporation, and the undertaking and rights of the Corporation .

Any such bylaw may provide for the delegation of such powers by the Directors to such officers or directors of the Corporation to such extent and in such manner as may be set out in the bylaw.

Nothing herein limits or restricts the borrowing of money by the Corporation on bills of exchange or promissory notes made, drawn, accepted or endorsed by or on behalf of the Corporation.

VII– The Corporation is to carry on its operations without pecuniary gain to its members and any profits or other accretions to the Corporation are to be used in promoting its objects.

Upon the dissolution or winding-up of the Corporation, any assets remaining after the payment and satisfaction of the debts and liabilities shall be applied to the objects of the Corporation, if possible, and if not, shall be paid to a registered Canadian charity designated by the Directors of the Corporation.

VIII– The bylaws of the Corporation shall be those filed with the application for letters patent until repealed, amended, altered or added to.

Original signed by Victor Gaizauskas, John M. MacLeod, E.R. Seaquist, Richard Bochonko, William H. McCutcheon, Alan H. Bridle and Christopher J. Pritchet.

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