Investment Committee


  • Nicole St. Louis (CASCA Treasurer) (2013-2016) Universite de Montreal


  • Rene Racine (2012-16) Universite de Montreal,
  • J.J. Kavelaars (2014-2017) National Research Council,
  • Grant Hill (2012-15) Keck Observatory

Internal Committee Discussion

Mandate and terms of reference

Following the announcement at the Victoria AGM of CASCA’s new investment strategy, the Board struck an Investment committee. The role of the committee will be to review periodic (at least quarterly) communications and recommendations from the investment manager, Scotia-McLeod, and to provide advice to the Board concerning portfolio modifications, etc. The Investment committee will act only in an advisory capacity, will meet by e-mail or teleconference, and will be chaired by the CASCA treasurer. The treasurer will provide a report of activities and issues once a year to the Board in advance of the CASCA AGM. The Board may request an interim report if the need arises. The report will include: current members and term, suggestions for new members, brief report of activities, any issues, questions, recommendations or requested actions for the Board.

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