Heritage Committee

Internal Committee Discussion

Mandate and terms of reference

The Heritage Committee is mandated to preserve the history and culture of the Canadian astronomical community. Hence the Heritage Committee will:

  1. Work on behalf of the CASCA Board to help ensure that cultural properties and artifacts significant in the development of Canadian astronomy, together with the intangible heritage of astronomy, are brought to the attention of proper authorities for their protection;
  2. Liaise with other international and national bodies concerned with astronomical history and heritage;
  3. Draw an inventory of heritage resources and develop working relationships with owners of heritage-designated properties;
  4. Devise ways to preserve the history of Canadian astronomy through the memoirs of its protagonists;
  5. Be ready to respond to special requests from the CASCA Board;
  6. Provide a report of activities and issues once a year to the Board before the CASCA AGM. The Board may request an interim report if the need arises. The report will include current members and terms, suggestions for new members and/or chair, a brief report of activities, and any issues, questions, recommendations or requested actions for the Board.

Obituaries of Charter Members

University of Calgary’s Rothney Astrophysical Observatory 50th Anniversary


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