Long Range Plan Community Recommendations Implementation Committee (LCRIC)

Mandate and terms of reference

The Long Range Plan 2020 (LRP2020) has made a broad set of ‘community’ recommendations for the operation of CASCA as a professional society. To operationalize and monitor the implementation of these recommendations, the CASCA Board has created the LRP Community Recommendations Implementation Committee (LCRIC). The first step in implementing these recommendations will be to develop a summary of the LRP’s recommendations that fall within LCRIC’s purview and a roadmap for how implementation will proceed. Once in place, this plan must be monitored regularly, and as new information or issues arise, be adjusted, as necessary. Since some of these community recommendations overlap the spheres of responsibility of other CASCA committees, it is expected that the LCRIC will work collaboratively with other committees, and strike ad-hoc working groups or sub-committees as needed.

The tasks to be undertaken by the LCRIC are thus:

  • From the LRP2020, identify those recommendations for whose implementation LCRIC will be responsible;
  • Develop a coherent and achievable plan to implement the community recommendations in LRP2020, including goal timelines, need for additional resources etc., to be reviewed regularly. This planning will be done in collaboration with other CASCA committees in the situation that spheres of responsibility overlap and may involve the use of subcommittees/working groups if necessary. External advice can also be sought to provide additional expertise;
  • Once established, work closely with the CASCA Board to help implement and monitor the plan;
  • Be prepared to respond to queries from the CASCA Board about community recommendations;
  • Update the LCRIC webpage on the CASCA website as well as communicating to membership via the exploder when necessary;
  • Provide updates to the community at the annual AGM on the status of the plan and the committee’s activities;
  • Provide a twice annual report to the CASCA Board on activities;
  • Report quarterly updates to the CASCA community via e-Cassiopeia;
  • Provide feedback during the mid-term review process (expected: 2025).

The composition of the committee will be: Chair person, (at least) 3 regular members, Representative from the LRP2020 panel and Representative from the CASCA Board.

The normal service term for the Chair and regular members will be 3 years, although this may be revised, upon mutual agreement with the Board, to accommodate succession and staggering.

Archived reports:

This committee replaces the old LRPIC Committee. That committee’s information is archived here.

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