Public Outreach

CASCA is committed to Education and Public Outreach. To learn more, please contact our EPO committee. CASCA’s contributions to the International Year of Astronomy (and Beyond) and to public outreach have been recognized by the International Astronomical Union (see the certificates here and here).

CASCA strongly supports the Discover the Universe (DU) program which promotes public outreach in astronomy in partnership with the Dunlap Institute. It is especially tailored to the training of teachers and animators who are in a position to share their knowledge of astronomy with others. Webinars hosted by DU are an important part of the outreach program. To find out more, visit the DU website here.

CASCA also sponsors the Westar Lectureship in Astronomy. This program makes it possible for remote communities to arrange for a visit by a professional astronomer who will share the most recent discoveries about the universe! More information about the Westar Lecture can be found here.

The reporting of outreach activities held by CASCA members is an important part of our EPO mission. Members are asked to please report their outreach activities using this form.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) and the Federation des astronomes amateurs du Quebec (FAAQ) are other astronomy organizations offering public programs in Canada.

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