Sustainability Committee

Mandate and Terms of Reference
The Sustainability Committee (the “Committee”) is an ad hoc committee term-limited committee established by the CASCA Board to address concerns over the Society’s sustainability, specifically in relation to both the annual general meeting and our general professional practices. It will exist as an ad-hoc committee until the 2021 Annual General Meeting. The Sustainability Committee will:

1. Create and suggest strategies to the CASCA Board that address issues in relation to sustainability.
2. Make observations on general professional astronomy practices in relation to sustainability and suggest policies that will improve said practices.
3. Review the operation and delivery of the Annual General Meeting of the Society with a view to improving its sustainability.
4. Consider possible changes to Society By-Laws that may improve the Society’s sustainability;
5. Be ready to respond to special requests from the CASCA Board;
6. Report formally via the normal biannual process, with the Board reviewing these reports in their December and May Board meetings.

The committee will be comprised of the following members:
Chair, appointed by the CASCA Board (voting)
Members, up to a maximum of 12
CASCA President (Ex-officio)
Because this committee is term-limited all appointments will be considered to be made for the duration of the Committee.

Archived Reports:
May 2022
Dec 2021
May 2021
Dec 2020
May 2020

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