CASCA Seed Funding

Each year, the CASCA Board will allocate up to $5,000 of seed funding to activities spearheaded by CASCA members that benefit the Society.

All initiatives and/or events that are consistent with CASCA‘s Mission Statement are eligible to receive CASCA Seed funding, though an emphasis will be placed on activities that are difficult to fund via other mechanisms. The intent of the CASCA Seeds program is to support new and/or unique opportunities for CASCA members; the same initiative is therefore unlikely to be funded more than once.

CASCA members in good standing are eligible to apply for CASCA Seed funding once every five years.  In order to apply, a letter should be sent to the CASCA Secretary explaining the nature of the activity, the benefit to the Society, the need for funds, the expected budget and the amount requested. Funding decisions will be made by the CASCA Board, and applicants will be notified of the outcome within 8 weeks of receipt of a complete application.

Successful applicants are required to acknowledge CASCA as a source of funding for the activity, to provide both a short report to the CASCA Board upon completion of the activity, and to draft a Casseopeia article summarizing the activity.

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