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From/de Chris Wilson
(Cassiopeia – Summer/été 2017)

The results of the second round of Large Programs on the JCMT have been announced! This time large nine programs were awarded JCMT time (you can see the list with links to the program web pages here):

  • BISTRO-2: an extension to the BISTRO program
  • CHIMPS2: Resolving Star Formation in the Galactic Plane with HARP
  • NESS: The Nearby Evolved Star Survey
  • HASHTAG: HARP and SCUBA-2 High-Resolution Terahertz Andromeda Galaxy Survey
  • JINGLE II: the ISM of starbursts and green valley galaxies
  • NEP: Extragalactic JCMT Survey of the North Ecliptic Pole
  • eS2COSMOS: Extending an EAO SCUBA-2 survey to unveil the COSMOS field
  • S2LXS: SCUBA-2 Large eXtragalactic Survey
  • STUDIES-SXDS: A second pointing for the SCUBA-2 Ultra Deep Imaging EAO survey

For specific details of each program including the number of hours awarded per weather band and instrument requested please click here.

The JCMT will hold a period of open enrolment that will open soon and will close on 1st August 2017. Astronomers from any Canadian institution who are interested in the science of one or more large programs are welcome to join during this open enrolment period. Please keep an eye on the JCMT website for instructions on how to enroll or feel free to contact Chris Wilson at McMaster for more information.

In other news, Canadian participation in the JCMT has been secured for a further two years (covering the period February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2019) thanks to an award from NSERC’s RTI Operation and Maintenance Support program (PI: C. Wilson) as well as continuing financial contributions from McMaster University, the University of Alberta, and the University of Waterloo. The Canadian community also continues to receive additional credit for observing time in the PI queue thanks to the continued hosting of the JCMT archive at the CADC.

So, consider joining one of the new large programs, and polish up your PI science for the next call for JCMT proposals, which will be due in mid-September.


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