Report from LRPIC

From/de John Hutchings
(Cassiopeia – spring/printemps 2017)

LRPIC holds discussions monthly, or more often when needed, and is active on emails to keep current with LRP developments. The group of members and observers includes the following: R. Thacker, M. Sawicki, M. Dobbs, N. Murray, R. Abraham, M. Balogh, B. McNamara, C. Wilson, C. Heinke, I. Stairs, S. Ellison, JJ Kavelaars, and J. Hutchings. This group ensures direct participation in activities of JCSA, GAC, AACS, CATAC, CASCA, and the Coalition, as well as connection with several individual LRP projects.

At present there are several issues of concern and uncertainty within the LRP, with particular implications for TMT (CATAC, potential alternatives), SKA (significant cost cap problems, treaty formation, non-treaty members, regional data centres), MSE (completion of design reviews this year, Maunakea issues and alternatives), and space astronomy (future commitments, input to government space policy, Treasury Board submissions), where WFIRST and CASTOR are currently under close scrutiny.

As noted in recent CASCA mailings, LRPIC will announce details of an open Webex meeting in April, and also a session at the CASCA meeting in Edmonton. This is an important time for Canadian astronomy and the LRPIC wishes to encourage as many people as possible to attend these discussions.

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