CFHT Thesis List

Submitted by Daniel Devost
(Cassiopeia – Autumn/Automne 2015)

CFHT has been operating since 1979 and a lot of students have had the opportunity to use the data for their Masters or PhD work. Unfortunately, no official record of thesis work exist for CFHT so at the recommendation of the CFHT Board of Directors, a list was started using all available web resources including tools from various institutions, the Theses Canada portal and ADS.

The current list holds 82 theses that go back to 1993. The theses originate mainly from Canada and France but also from other countries in the world. If you have done Master or PhD thesis work that involves CFHT data and do not see your manuscript listed below, please get in touch with me,, so I can add your work to this list.

List of Master and PhD Theses using CFHT data

Malo Lison, 2015, Recherche et caractérisation des étoiles jeunes de faible masse dans le voisinage solaire, UdM, PhD.

Baptista, Brian, 2013, Photodiode radiation hardness, lyman-alpha emitting galaxies and photon detection in liquid argon neutrino detectors, Indiana University, PhD.

Benjamin, Jonathan Remby Embro, 2013, A new approach to photometric redshift contamination, providing critical insight for weak lensing cosmology, UBC. PhD

Chueh-Yi Chou, Richard, 2013, Observational Studies of Interacting Galaxies and the Development of the Wide Integral Field Infrared Spectrograph, 2013, UT, PhD.

de la Chevrotière, Antoine, 2013, Recherche de champs magnétiques chez les étoiles Wolf-Rayet par l’analyse d’observations spectropolarimétriques.

Gandhali, Joshi, 2013, Substructure and Gas Clumping in the Outskirts of Abell 133, University of Waterloo. MsC.

Kezwer, Jason, 2013, The Life Cycle of Stars: Supernovae in Starbursts, UVic, MSc.

Radigan, Jacqueline Marie, 2013, Weather on Substellar Worlds:AStudy of Clouds, Variability and Binarity at the L/T Transition, UT, PhD.

Urquhart, Sheona Anne, 2013, Galaxy evolution in a large sample of X-ray clusters, University of Victoria

Cockcroft, Robert, 2012, Astro-archaeology in the triangulum galaxy: Studying galaxy formation and evolution with the globular clusters and stellar halo in M33, McMaster University

Damjanov, Ivana, 2012, Structural Evolution of Quiescent Galaxies from the Peak of the Cosmic Star Formation Epoch, University of Toronto.

Dong, Xiaoyi, 2012, Detecting AGNs using multi-filter imaging data, York University

Harris, Kathryn, A., 2012, The Cluster and Large Scale Environments of Quasars at z<0.9, University of Central, Lancashire. Kristensen, Lars E., 2012, Observational analysis of the physical conditions in galactic and extragalactic active star forming regions, Observatoire de Paris, PhD. San Roman, Izaskun, 2012, The formation and evolution of M33 as revealed by its star clusters, University of Florida, PhD. Villa, Francesca, 2012, Calibration photométrique de l'imageur MegaCam. Analyse des données SnDICE, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI. Arcila Osejo, Liz Maria, 2011, Star-Forming and Passive Galaxies at z N2 in the CFHT Legacy Survey, Saint Mary's University. Bayliss, Matthew B, 2011, Broadband photometry of 105 giant arcs: Redshift distribution constraints and implications for giant arc statistics, University of Chicago Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Croll, Bryce, 2011, Near-infrared Characterization of the Atmospheres of Alien Worlds, University of Toronto. Dayal, Pratika, 2011, Cosmic Lighthouses : Unveiling the nature of high-redshift galaxies, International School for Advanced Studies. González Gaitán, Santiago, 2011, Supernova rates, rise-times, and their relations to progenitors, UT, PhD. Gorecki, Alexia, 2011, Cosmologie observationnelle avec le Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, Université de Grenoble, PhD Messias, Hugo, 2011, A multiwavelength study of near- and mid-infrared selected galaxies at high redshift: ERGs, AGN-identification and the contribution from dust, Lisbon University Baumont, Sylvain, 2010, Analyse des spectres VLT pour l'expérience SNLS Qualification de transients cosmologiques, Université Paris-Diderot - Paris VII. Bignamini, Andrea 2010 The Swift-XRT Survey of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies, Università degli studi di Trieste, PhD. Burgress, Andrew S. M., 2010, Exploration de la fonction de faible masse initiale dans les amas jeunes et les régions de formation stellaire, Université de Grenoble. Guillard, Pierre, 2010, H2 MAGIE: H2 as a Major Agent to Galaxy Interaction and Evolution, Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale, Université Paris-Sud 11, PhD. Huang, Zhiqi, 2010, Probing early and late inflations beyond tilted ΛCDM, UT, PhD. Pfrommer, Thomas, 2010, Mesospheric dynamics and ground-layer optical turbulence studies for the performance of ground-based telescopes, University of British Columbia. Thanjavur, Karunananth G, 2010, Cosmic applications of Gravitational Lens Assisted Spectroscopy (GLAS), University of Victoria. Agra-Amboage Vanessa, 2009, Observations des régions internes des vents autour des étoiles jeunes de type T Tauri, Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I. Anderson, Rachel Elizabeth, 2009, Searching for galaxy groups in photometric data from the CFHT Legacy Survey, McMaster University, MSc. Breton, René Paul, 2009, Radio pulsars in binary systems, McGill University, Canada. Di Cecco, Alessandra, 2009,: Deep and extended Multi-band photometry of the galactic globular cluster M92, University of Rome Tor Vergata. Épinat, Benoit, 2009, From nearby to distant galaxies: kinematical and dynamical studies, Universite de Provence (FRANCE), LAM. Harrington, David, 2009, Stellar spectropolarimetry with HiVIS: Herbig Ae/Be stars, circumstellar environments and optical pumping, University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Jolin, Marc-André, 2009, Étude polarimétrique d’étoiles jeunes, UdM, MSc. Dicaire, Isabelle, 2008, Cinématique haute résolution des galaxies de l'échantillon SINGS et observations du Ha profond de la galaxie NGC 7793, UdM, MSc. Van Grootel, Valérie, 2008, Etude des étoiles de la branche horizontale extrême par l'astérosismologie, UdM, PhD. Albert, Loïc, 2006, La recherche de naines brunes autour d'etoiles du voisinage solaire et le spectrographe multi-objets SIMON, Université de Montréal. Alecian, Evelyne, 2006, Étude de l'évolution de la structure interne et du champ magnétique des étoiles pré-séquence principale de masse intermédiaire, Université Paris-Diderot - Paris VII. Chilingarian, Igor, 2006, Formation and Evolution of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies, Moscow State University and Université Claude Bernard Lyon-1 Clem, James Lewis, 2006, Galactic star clusters in the u'g'r'i'z' photometric system, University of Victoria. Juramy Claire, 2006, Métrologie des supernovae de type Ia pour la cosmologie: instrumentation et analyse calorimétrique. Université Paris 6. Leyrat, Cédric, 2006, Propriétés physiques des anneaux de Saturne : de CAMIRAS à la mission CASSINI, Université Paris-Diderot - Paris VII Malacrino, Frederic, 2006, Untriggered search for optical counterparts of gamma-ray bursts in images of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope "Very Wide Survey", Université Paul Sâbatier - Toulouse III, PhD. Okón, Waldemar M. M., 2006, The metallicity distribution function of globular clusters systems through near-infrared photometry, McMaster University. Ruiter, Ashley J, 2005, Infrared imaging of the sub-millimetre protocluster near NGC 2068 in Orion B, Saint Mary's University. Vaduvescu, Ovidiu 2005 Infrared Properties of Star Forming Dwarf Galaxies, York University, PhD. VanDalfsen, Marcel L., 2005, The globular cluster system of the Sombrero galaxy, McMaster University. Vergnole, Sébastien, 2005, Nouveaux interféromètres large bande pour l'imagerie haute résolution : interféromètre fibré hectométrique ; utilisation des Fibres à Cristaux Photoniques, Université de Limoges. Brodwin, Mark, 2004, The Canada-France deep fields-photometric redshift survey: An investigation of galaxy evolution using photometric redshifts. University of Toronto. Devost, D., 2004, Chronométrie a haute résolution de populations stellaires extragalactiques, Universite Laval. Kalirai, Jasonjot Singh, 2004, Astrophysics with white dwarfs, University of British Columbia. Mercurio, A. 2004 Dynamical Evolution and Galaxy Populations in the Cluster ABCG 209 at z=0.2 AA, Università di Trieste, Napoli, PhD. Shkolnik, E. 2004 Chromospheric Activity Induced by Short-Period Planets: A Search for Modulation of Ca II H & K Emission AA, UBC, PhD. Edwards, Louise, 2003, Molecular hydrogen in the cooling flow cluster Abell 1795, Saint Mary's University. Raux, Julien, 2003, Photométrie différentielle de supernovae de type Ia lointaines, Université Paris Sud - Paris XI. Woillez, Julien, 2003, Les Noyaux Actifs de Galaxies en interférométrie optique à très longue base - Projet 'OHANA, Observatoire de Paris, Université Paris XI, PhD. Mirioni, Laurent, 2002, Sources X Ultra-Lumineuses : Contreparties Optiques, Université Louis Pasteur - Strasbourg I Hamilton, Devon, 2001, Observational signatures of convection in solar type stars, University of Toronto. Lépine, Sébastien, 2001, Structure inhomogène et dynamique des vents stellaires chauds par spectroscopie de raies d'émission, Université de Montréal, PhD. Mullis, Christopher Robinson 2001 The ROSAT north ecliptic pole survey AA, University of Hawaii, PhD. Perrett, Kathryn, 2001, The globular cluster system of M31, Queen's University, PhD. Steinbring, Eric, 2001, Techniques in high resolution observations from the ground and space, and imaging of the merging environments of radio galaxies at redshift 1 to 4, University of Victoria. Font, Andreea Simona, 2000, Shocked molecular gas in three supernova remnants: W28, W44, 3C391, Saint Mary's University. Grosdidier, Yves, 2000, Le phénomène Wolf-Rayet au sein des étoiles chaudes de populations I et II, Université de Montréal. Hebrard, Guillaume, 2000, L'abondance du deutérium, de l'ultraviolet au visible, Université Paris-Diderot - Paris VII, PhD. Mallen-Ornelas, Gabriela, 2000, Internal kinematics of CFRS galaxies at z 0.6, University of Toronto. Billières, Malvina, 1999, Observations et Astéroséismologie de sous-naines de type B: une nouvelle classe d'étoiles pulsantes. Université de Montréal. Chapman, Scott Christopher, 1999, The nature of active galaxies, The University of British Columbia. Holland, Stephen, 1998, The globular clusters an halo of M31, University of British Columbia. Kavelaars, J. J., 1998, Globular clusters as dynamical probes of the S0 galaxy NGC 3115, Queen's University. Kroeker, Teresa Lynn, 1998, Evolution of elliptical galaxies, University of Toronto. Simard, Luc, 1998, The internal kinematics of intermediate redshift galaxies, University of Victoria, PhD Blake, R. Melvin, 1997, Photometric decomposition of NGC 6166, Saint Mary's University, MSc. De Propris, Roberto, 1996, The faint end of the luminosity function in clusters of galaxies, University of Victoria. Cederbloom, Steven E., 1995, Stellar Populations in the Core of the Globular Star Cluster M15, Indiana University, PhD. Langill, Philip Patrick, 1994, The circumstellar dust shells of proto-planetary nebulae, University of Calgary. Freedman, Wendy Laurel, 1994, The Young Stellar Content of Nearby Resolved Galaxies, UT, PhD. Tessier, Eric, 1993, Application of infrared two-dimensional speckle interferometry to the study of the young stars, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de l'Observatoire de Grenoble, Université Joseph Fourier / CNRS, Grenoble, France, and Département de Recherche Spatiale, Observatoire de Meudon, France, PhD.

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