CASCA 2015 at a Glance

By Magdalen Normandeau with assistance from Gwen Eadie and contributions from all who submitted abstracts for CASCA 2015
(Cassiopeia – Summer/Été 2015)

Thanks to the hard work by Alison Sills, Laura Parker, Gwen Eadie and the rest of the organizing team, CASCA-2015 was an excellent conference. Here’s a taste of what happened. / Grâce à l’excellent travail d’Alison Sills, Laura Parker, Gwen Eadie et le reste de l’équipe organisatrice, CASCA-2015 fut un grand succès. Voici un aperçu de ce qui s’est passé.

Word cloud of all contributed talk titles and abstracts.

Contributed talks – titles and abstracts

Word cloud of all poster titles and abstracts.

Posters – titles and abstracts.

TMT cupcakes (Photo by Aaron Springford)

Not 30 meters across but still a lot of cupcakes! (Photo by Aaron Springford)

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