Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corp.

By Frank Roy, founder and CEO


Company Expects to Complete Financing in 2014

The company is expecting to close its financing for the facility shortly. As part of that effort, the company has launched an Initial Crowd Offering (ICO) on Optimized Capital Markets listing service.

The offering can be viewed on the Optimize Capital Markets OCMX website.

Optimize Capital Markets, our exclusive financial agent, is a Bay Street firm, leading the next generation of Investment Banking Firms through its Institutional Corporate Finance Team coupled with its Institutional Crowdfunding Marketplace. Optimize Capital Markets launched its operations in September of 2009 out of Toronto but has since expanded its operations to include Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia. Optimize Capital Markets and its marketplace, the OCMX, connects institutional and accredited investors directly with businesses seeking financing transactions and other investment opportunities.

The company is very excited about the ICO. Reaction from investors has been extremely positive and very encouraging.

Science Partner

The company is interested in a single science partner. Up to 100 hours per year (about 10% of the available science time) would be made available to our partner. The company is looking for long term commitments. The Wide-Field-Telescope is expected to become operational Q4/2017. Partners from anywhere in the world will be considered. The partner may also be a consortium. Please contact us for more information.

Documents and eNewsletter

Distances from Major Universities in Southern Canada and the North-East USA

The proximity of 13 Canadian Universities within 600 Km is very advantageous to these institutions in terms of easy accessibility and travel convenience. This represents 55% of Canadian Universities which are members of ACURA. Queen’s and Trent Universities are a two hour drive, a day’s return trip. Four Universities [Toronto, York, McGill and Montréal] are within 3.5 hours travel. McMaster and Waterloo are within 4.5 hours and Western and Sherbrooke are within 6 hours. Université Laval in Québec City is seven hours away.

The Universities of Ottawa and Carleton are within 120 Km. They currently offer introductory courses in astronomy and astrophysics. We expect that with the proximity of a nearby major astronomical observatory they may want to offer more advanced courses and degrees.

The facility is also within 8 hours of twenty-eight US universities. We expect strong interest from these institutions due to their proximity.

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