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From Sylvie Beaulieu, Herschel-HIFI Instrument Support Scientist

Herschel feature story

The current (September 2014) Herschel Feature Story on the Herschel website is Young Sun’s Violent History Solves Meteorite Mystery. Herschel_spacecraft_artist410

Continued support for using Herschel Science Archive data

On the 29th of October 2013, the last proprietary science observation was released into public domain through the Herschel Science Archive. This represents an excellent opportunity for additional astronomical discoveries for the larger Canadian astronomical community. The University of Waterloo Herschel-HIFI Group remains dedicated to help you achieve your scientific goals.

Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE)

HIPE 12.1 is the current released version. Please visit What’s New in HIPE for the latest changes in this release. The task hebCorrection can help mitigate the electric standing waves in HEB (bands 6 and 7). Detailed instructions on how to use the task are in the HIFI Data Reduction Guide. Additional information can be found in the HIFI Instrument and Calibration webpage, under Outstanding Calibration Issues.

Warning: a major bug in gain fitting was discovered in the doDeconvolution task. When running the task, this feature should not be used. A revamp of the task (and its documentation) is underway for HIPE 13. Stay tune…

At last! New HIFI beam release

The HIFI team has released a revised version of their beam, involving in particular updates to the coupling efficiencies and Half-Power-Beam-Width, and the delivery of detailed 2D beam models in each HIFI band. A new section of the HIFI calibration page has been created to this effect and Users are invited to carefully read the release notes prepared with these updates. In particular, we want to emphasise that the newly derived aperture and main beam efficiencies have dropped by up to 10% and 20% respectively, leading to equivalent increase of the converted fluxes or main beam temperatures. If you need any additional information in that respect please contact the Helpdesk.

Conferences, workshops and webinars related to Herschel

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