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By / par Brenda Matthews and Gerald Schieven (NRC)
(Cassiopeia – Autumn / l’automne 2023)

Cycle 10 Proposal Statistics

Researchers from Canadian institutions were allocated over 16% of the North American portion of ALMA time (including both the 12m-array and the ACA). This is significantly more than Canada’s nominal 7.125% share of North American time.

ALMA Ambassadors Applications Due 13 October

The ALMA Ambassador Program provides training and an up to $10,000 research grant to postdoctoral researchers, senior graduate students, and early career researchers interested in expanding their ALMA/interferometry expertise and sharing that knowledge with their home institutions. The selected Ambassadors receive training at the NRAO headquarters in Charlottesville, VA, in February 2024 on topics including interferometry basics, ALMA science capabilities, proposal writing, and guidance on speaking on these topics. Ambassadors will then host a workshop at their home institution to prepare their local community for the Cycle 11 call for proposals. The deadline for applying for this program is 13 October. For more information and to apply for the program, go to the NRAO website.

Cycle 10 to Start 30 September

Cycle 10 is now scheduled to start on the afternoon of Saturday 30 September.

ALMA Announces Observatory Projects for Configurations 8 and 9

The ALMA Observatory announces five filler programs that have been approved on the main array. The programs are designed to fill the gaps in the 12-m Array observing schedule at low frequencies in Configurations 8 and 9, based on input from scientists at the Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) and the ALMA Regional Centers (ARCs). The proposed programs were reviewed by the Observatory Scientist and the Department of Science Operations head, and approved by the ALMA Director.

The data from the proposals will be quality assessed by the JAO and released through the ALMA Archive with no proprietary period. Observing priority will be given to any remaining PI science projects and activities to commission new capabilities on the array. The release of data in Band 1 will be dependent on the progress of the ongoing commissioning activities. The release of any Observatory Project data will be preceded by an announcement on the Science Portal.

The approved projects are:

  • 2022.A.00032.S: 12CO and Band 3 continuum 5-pc-scale imaging of molecular clouds in the Antennae galaxies
  • 2022.A.00034.S: Band 3 observations of a super-deep 1’x1′ field in Hubble Deep Field South
  • 2022.A.00036.S: Band 3 high-spectral resolution survey of HL Tau
  • 2022.A.00035.S: Band 1 Continuum and CS line observations of HD 163296
  • 2022.A.00037.S: Band 1 Continuum and CS line observations of HL Tau

For more information, see the ALMA website.

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