2023 Richer Gold medal: Dr. Kiyoshi Masui

CASCA is pleased to announce Dr. Kiyoshi Masui as the recipient of the 2023 Harvey B. Richer Gold Medal, in recognition of significant and sustained early career research in astronomy.

Dr. Masui obtained his PhD from the University of Toronto and is currently an Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has played a key leadership role in both the CHIME and CHIME/FRB Collaborations, both technically and scientifically, and contributed substantially to the success of these world-leading projects. At the same time, he has provided exceptional mentorship and training to the young scientists working on these projects. His contributions have demonstrated impressive breadth, from instrumentation development to scientific data analysis, theory, and interpretation, and from 21 cm cosmology to fast radio bursts (FRBs). Dr. Masui has made pioneering and high-impact contributions to our understanding of the FRB phenomenon, for example by leading the publication of the first CHIME/FRB catalog which enabled the discovery of key scientific properties of the FRB population. As project scientist, he is currently leading CHIME’s next major instrumentation effort, CHIME/FRB Outriggers.

CASCA is delighted to recognize Dr. Masui’s achievements with this award.

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