2023 CASCA Awards: Call for Nominations

By Vincent Hénault-Brunet (CASCA Awards Committee)
(Cassiopeia – Winter 2022)

Dear CASCA members,

We are now accepting nominations for the following 2023 CASCA awards:

Nominations for the Plaskett medal should be submitted by the department chair, and we will accept one nomination per department. This award allows the research excellence and hard work of our graduate members to be recognized. Students, don’t wait, take this email to your advisor/head of department and ask to be considered for your department’s nomination. Graduate chairs, please don’t miss this opportunity to highlight the work of your students.

We would like to have a diverse group of award nominees to choose from, so we especially encourage first-time nominators. Detailed instructions for how to write a nomination letter are listed here.  Can you think of someone at your institution or in your research collaborations who perhaps has been overlooked for awards because of biases? Consider nominating them this year!

Nominations for all awards should be submitted as a single pdf, addressed to the Chair of the CASCA Awards committee, Vincent Hénault-Brunet, and emailed to vincent.henault@smu.ca. Nominators and nominees must be CASCA members in good standing. If in doubt, please check with the CASCA administrator at casca@casca.ca. The deadline for nominations is January 15th, 2023. Please refer to the relevant CASCA award pages for additional nomination procedures.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to celebrating another year of great achievements from our fellow CASCA members!

Best wishes,

The CASCA Awards committee

Vincent Hénault-Brunet, Pauline Barmby, Jayanne English, Craig Heinke, Tracy Webb

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