Report from the LCRIC

By / par Chris Wilson (LCRIC chair)
(Cassiopeia – Spring / printemps 2022)

The Long Range Plan Community Recommendations Implementation Committee (LCRIC) has continued to meet weekly over the past 3 months. Our primary focus has been on developing draft documents for LRP2020 Recommendation #1 (on Land and Consent) and Recommendation #46 (on an Indigenous Engagement Committee), as well as organizing the second in our series of webinars. We are also beginning to work on an LCRIC-focused session for the 2022 CASCA AGM.

Building on our work at the end of 2021, the LCRIC has held significant internal discussions around LRP2020 Recommendation #1, which focuses on issues of land and consent. We have produced a short document that we have passed along to the CASCA Board for their consideration and feedback.

The LCRIC has also had sustained discussions around LRP Recommendation #46, which envisages establishing a new CASCA committee, an Indigenous Engagement Committee. Among the items we are discussing is the scope of this committee, how it should interact with other existing CASCA committees, what types of persons would be appropriate and useful members of this committee, and how to fund the committee’s activities. We aim to develop a draft document with some ideas that we will share with the CASCA Board in the next 3 months.

We have also been working to organize our second webinar, titled “Including Indigenous Voices in Astronomy Education”. This webinar is now scheduled for 4-5:30 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, March 31, 2022 and will be held via zoom. The goal of this webinar is to share with CASCA members ideas and actions that they can use to support Indigenous knowledges, include Indigenist methods, and to be inclusive of Indigenous students in their classes. Panelists include: Jason Bazylack, Samantha Lawler, Ismael Moumen, and Laurie Rousseau-Nepton. There will be time for audience members to ask questions of the panelists. All participants are expected to follow the event’s Code of Conduct and pre-registration is required. An announcement of this webinar was circulated on the CASCA email exploder in mid-March.

Looking ahead, over the next 3 months, LCRIC is planning to meet with the Sustainability Committee and the Graduate Student Committee to discuss LRP2020 recommendations in their areas of interest. Finally, we will continue our initial work on an implementation timeline for the LRP2020 societal recommendations, with a focus on goals over the next 1 to 3 years.

The LCRIC recognizes that transparency and consultation are very important as our community moves forward to implement the recommendations of the LRP. We will be seeking input from a diversity of perspectives, recognizing that astronomy and astronomers exist with a broader societal context. We welcome feedback and comments at any time, via the Public Discussion page or by email to one of the LCRIC members. Communications will be kept confidential if requested.

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