CATAC Update on the Thirty Meter Telescope

par Michael Balogh (CATAC Chair)
(Cassiopeia – été 2021)


The TMT Project Office is busy preparing for an anticipated Preliminary Design Review that will occur if the NSF accepts the US Extremely Large Telescope Project proposal, that aims to provide both GMT and TMT access to the entire US community. We expect the NSF decision to depend on the outcome of the US Astro2020 Decadal planning process. The recent announcement that publication of this report has been delayed therefore also impacts the timescale of this review process.


The anticipated NSF review will be comprehensive, addressing all aspects of TMT including plans for Operations. Prompted by this, CATAC reviewed the existing Operations Plan, which was last updated in 2012, and the Operations Requirements Document. Following several weeks of discussion, including a meeting with Mark Dickinson from the USELTP, we prepared a report that included 15 recommendations. This report was submitted in confidence to the TMT Board and SAC, as well as the Boards of CASCA and ACURA. It is now publicly available on our web page, here. The recommendations include:

  • The Project provide support for both Large Programs and Fast Turnaround Programs. The latter should be available at first light.
  • The dominant mode of observing should be with adaptive queue scheduling. This should represent a majority of the allocated time, and be built from a merged list of programs from all partners.
  • The Observatory should implement mechanisms to ensure that there is oversight, monitoring, and appropriate long-term maintenance of any software or data archive intended or expected for use by the broader TMT User community, even if developed within a single partner community.
  • A readily searchable and high-functioning archive, with equally good public access to non-proprietary data, is essential for maximizing science output and providing equal access to all members of the TMT community.

Feedback on this report is welcomed.

Maunakea Management

In response to the independent evaluation of the Maunakea Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP), a Working Group has been established in Hawaii to develop recommendations for a governance and management structure for Maunakea. The Working Group is made up of 15 people including state lawmakers, representatives from the public and private sector, and seven members selected to specifically represent the interests of Native Hawaiians.

TMT Science Forum

The next TMT Science forum will take place a year from now, June 26-29, 2022 at UBC in Vancouver. We are optimistic that this will be primarily in-person.

CATAC membership

Michael Balogh (University of Waterloo), Chair,
Bob Abraham (University of Toronto; TIO SAC)
Stefi Baum (University of Manitoba)
Laura Ferrarese (NRC)
David Lafrenière (Université de Montréal)
Harvey Richer (UBC)
Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College of Canada)
Luc Simard (Director General of NRC-HAA, non-voting, ex-officio)
Don Brooks (Executive Director of ACURA, non-voting, ex-officio)
Sara Ellison (CASCA President, non-voting, ex-officio)
Kim Venn (TIO Governing Board, non-voting, ex-officio)
Stan Metchev (TIO SAC, non-voting, ex-officio)
Tim Davidge (TIO SAC Canadian co-chair; NRC, observer)
Greg Fahlman (NRC, observer)

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