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By Stéphanie Côté (CGO, NRC Herzberg / OGC, CNRC Herzberg)
(Cassiopeia – Summer 2021)

Virtual Gemini Science Meeting in August 2021

Virtual Gemini Science Meeting coming up and you’re invited!

Gemini will be hosting a Virtual Science Meeting August 23-26 2021. It will be a combination of invited talks, observatory updates, hands-on training sessions and plenty of time for discussions. There will be a special focus on upcoming instrumentation. This meeting is meant to bridge the gap between the last Gemini Science meeting in 2018 and the next in-person meeting planned for August 2022 in Seoul Korea.

The meeting is free but you do need to register to receive the connection information. Join us for this Virtual meeting, coming soon on a screen near you!

Recent Canadian Gemini Press Releases

Fastest Spinning Brown Dwarfs

On June 8th 2021 an international team of astronomers led by graduate student Megan Tannock (Western University) and including Stanimir Metchev (Western University) and Jonathan Gagné (Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan, IREX University of Montreal), announced the discovery of the most rapidly rotating brown dwarfs known. Brown dwarfs are often described as “failed stars”, they form like stars but are not massive enough to start fusing hydrogen into helium as stars do. Tannock and her team first measured the rotation speeds of these brown dwarfs using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. They obtained the follow-up observations with Gemini-North’s GNIRS as well as Magellan Baade Telescope in Chile. They confirmed that three brown dwarfs each complete a single rotation in roughly an hour, which is about 10 times faster than normal. This translates to equatorial rotational velocities of >100km/s. This rotation rate is so high that if these objects rotated any faster they could come close to tearing themselves apart. The AJ paper is available here.

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