LSST Canada Update

By / par JJ Kavelaars (LSST Canada collaboration)
(Cassiopeia – Winter / hivers 2020)

LSST Canada reports on our continued efforts to secure national level membership for Canada in the Legacy Survey of Space and Time on the Vera C. Rubin Observatory.

As some of you have undoubtedly heard, the Canadian LSST Advanced Science Platform (CLASP) proposal to CFI was not selected for funding. The CLASP CFI proposal was to develop the significant software and hardware infrastructure that would be needed by the Canadian (and other) astronomers interested in exporting cross links between LSST alert observations and available archival datasets. The CLASP proposal received strong reviews but, as always, access to CFI funds is highly competitive and our project was not selected for funding.

Although the CLASP CFI proposal, combined with an NRC funded public archive, would have fully realized Canada’s proposed in-kind contributions to achieve LSST membership, the CFI funding was not LSST Canada’s only funding approach. The project continues to benefit from strong desire within the community and is supported by LRP2020 as a recommended ground based facility. In-kind contribution avenues continue to be pursued, including direct support from institutional partners within Canada (including University of Toronto/Dunlap Institute and University of Waterloo) and an NRC supported Public Archive for LSST operated by the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre.

We will continue to keep the community informed of our progress toward LSST membership. Canadian astronomers interested in receiving updates or in becoming LSST Canada members should subscribe to the Canadian LSST email list by sending an email to

Additionally, all astronomers interested in LSST are encouraged to join the LSST Community forum.

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