The CASCA RSS feed

The CASCA website now has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. This allows you to automatically get summaries of all new posts on the site sent to your favourite notification service (be it e-mail, browser, desktop notification centre or Siri) without having to actually visit the site.

An RSS primer and full details of how to subscribe to our RSS feed are in the ‘Contact’ tab of the site at

Mailing list owners: Recently we’ve become aware that, as a fallout from the spam-filter vs. spam-generator AI wars, all of the messages on the e-mail exploder don’t necessarily get to all of the members. In one case an e-mail was received by no one as an outgoing filter erroneously thought that one of the links in it going to a malware site. While I do what I can to clear a way through these minefields for our e-mail this is going to happen from time to time.

So if you run into problems with the e-mail exploder, or if you just want to hedge your bets on the coverage of your time sensitive message, I suggest that you then submit a post to the site with the same information as your e-mail in it under the category ‘e-news’. All RSS subscribers, some of whom will probably be subscribers because of their e-mail provider’s high rate of false positive spam checks, will quickly get your message. If your e-mail’s coverage is in doubt then you can also then send out an additional, link free, message to your mailing list with a suggestion to check the ‘e-news’ category on the site. This will have an excellent chance of getting through to more people than your original message under adverse conditions.

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