Black Lives Matter and the day of action 10 June

We strongly voice our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and for elimination of systemic racism against Black and Indigenous Canadians. We are outraged at the deaths of so many individuals, most recently George Floyd, Chantel Moore, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Jason Collins, Eishia Hudson and D’Andre Campbell, along with all the Black and Indigenous people in Canada, the USA, and elsewhere, who have not survived interactions with police.

Systemic racism exists in Canada, and our society has a long way to go to realize an equitable playing field for all Canadians. We stand with our Black and Indigenous members and their communities. As the wider Canadian community calls for change and for action, we offer our support for those struggling to end systemic racism, white supremacy, colonialism and police brutality. To create the change we want to see, it is incumbent upon each of us to educate ourselves, embrace and promote anti-racism in Canada, understand the impact of our astronomical research and facilities, act to dismantle barriers, and participate in social justice.

We are committed to improving the professional lives of members of the Canadian Astronomical Society. We know that racist language and behaviour exists in the working lives of many of our members, and that we must continuously commit to finding ways toward better representation, inclusion and equity.

As many of you already know, Wednesday June 10th has been designated as a day of action when academics are asked to focus their attention on education and action toward eliminating systemic racism and acknowledging that Black Lives Matter.

We have compiled below some links and resources that CASCA members can explore on this day of action. We encourage all CASCA members to take a stand against anti-Black racism this Wednesday and continue that stand in the future. There are many ways you can help, and all journeys begin with a single step.

Sara Ellison, CASCA President
Brenda Matthews, Chair, CASCA Equity & Inclusivity Committee

Join a movement:

Do some research:
Justice in June
CBC Radio
17 Years of Police Violence In Canada
A US/Canadian Race/Racism Reading List

Desmond Cole: ‘Canada insists on being surprised by its own racism’

Letters to America from Black Canadians

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