Reminder: JWST Proposal Planning Workshops

This is a reminder for two upcoming JWST time proposal planning workshops. The morning sessions will be broadcasted on Zoom: Links can be found in the respective registration websites.

The Cycle 1 Call for Proposal has re-opened with a submission deadline of May 1 2020. As part of a series of workshops across Canada to help you with the preparation of a successful JWST time proposal, we are organizing two upcoming events. Participation is free. The workshops will cover general description of the Observatory and its instrument modes and provide a demonstration of the software tools used to prepare a proposal, primarily the Exposure Time Calculator and the Astronomer Proposal Tool. The event will be split between (interactive) presentations and hands-on exercises. The two workshops are 1-day events, one at Western Ontario University on March 12th, the other at Université de Montréal on March 18th (both in English). To register, please follow these links:

March 12th, University of Western Ontario

March 18th, Universite de Montreal

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