Canada’s Name the Exoplanet Contest!

The International Astronomical Union has asked that Canadians propose new names for the star HD 136418 and its exoplanet HD 136418b. We received over 500 suggestions! A shortlist of names has been approved by a panel of specialists. Please select your favourite pair of names!

Voting closes on November 17, 2019.

The IAU will announce the winners in December 2019.

Proposed Names for the Star HD 136418 and its Exoplanet

Star: Nikawiy
Exoplanet: Awasis
Description: Nikawiy and Awasis are the words for “mother” and “child” in the Cree language. The planet orbits its mother, always together and looking for her light.
Proposed by: Amanda Green (Alberta) and Wilfred Buck (Manitoba)

Star: Acakos
Exoplanet: Cakapis
Description: Acakos and Cakapis mean “star” and “little spirit” in the Cree language.
Proposed by: Wilfred Buck (Manitoba)

Star: Natseq
Exoplanet: Nanuq
Description: Natseq and Nanuq mean “seal” and “polar bear” in the Inuktitut language. The polar bear circles around the seal during the hunt.
Proposed by: Kim Hula-Hetu (Alberta), Louise Teira-Chapuy (Quebec), Jennifer Kneller (Alberta)

Star: Mitig
Exoplanet: Binesi
Description: Mitig and Binesi mean “tree” and “bird” in the Ojibwe language. The idea of a planet circling a star is linked to the idea of a bird circling a tree.
Proposed by: Brianne Valdes (Ontario)

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