Postdoctoral Fellowship (Research Associate), NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL of CANADA (NRC)

Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
Penticton, BC
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Stagiaire de recherche postdoctorale, Repérage des sursauts radio rapides
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Desired starting date: September – December 2019

We seek an excellent radio astronomer to work with the CHIME/FRB consortium to help develop the software and hardware needed to develop, deploy, and use outrigger stations to localize the many Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) detected by CHIME/FRB.  CHIME, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, offers a unique combination of high sensitivity and wide field-of-view, and is rapidly becoming established as the dominant instrument in discovering new FRBs.  The next key step is to obtain accurate positions for those FRBs through long-distance interferometry, using “outrigger” stations at great distances from CHIME. There are a number of practical difficulties to be overcome, and the CHIME/FRB consortium is adopting a staged approach, deploying prototype outrigger stations near the CHIME site (the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory [DRAO] near Penticton, BC) to compare results from triggered data dumping and after-the-fact correlation against those from standard real-time interferometry.  Once this is proven more distant stations will be built to allow sub-arcsecond astrometry.  This postdoctoral fellow will work the CHIME/FRB consortium and the staff at DRAO to perform the early, proof-of-concept work, and to flesh out the design of the full-scale instrument.


The initial appointment is of two years duration. Althoughthe hiring is at the postdoctoral level, this is considered a term staff scientist position with all the associated benefits, including paid maternity and parental leave, vacation, accruable pension contributions and others. In addition to a highly competitive salary, the successful applicant will receive support for publications, observing and conference travel.


To be eligible, applicants must have acquired their Ph.D. within the last three years or expect to obtain their degree before taking up the position. For more information on this job opportunity and to submit your application, visit our website at:


NRC is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications should be made by 12 June 2019 via the process described at the URL provided.

Included Benefits: 

NRC employees enjoy a wide-range of benefits including comprehensive health and dental plans, pension and insurance plans, vacation and other leave entitlements.


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