Report from the LRPIC

By / par John Hutchings (Chair, LRPIC)
(Cassiopeia – Spring / printemps 2019)

LRPIC has welcomed the LRP2020 co-chairs (Barmby and Gaensler), and CSA science advisor (Gallagher) as observers and to participate in the regular telecons.

A recent concern includes the new space strategy, which does not appear to address the urgent need to restore and run a viable space science program. The decision to join the lunar gateway project comes as a surprise, following recent Coalition (ACURA, CASCA, Industry) visits with parliamentary people. We continue to be in touch with the Space Advisory Board, and await further detail from the government.

LRPIC continues to keep updated on LRP related project activities, including the following:

  1. TMT process towards construction
  2. ACURA becoming the Canadian partner in the MSE consortium
  3. Progress with CCAT-prime construction, and Canadian participation
  4. The just-announced pre-LRP radio futures workshop at DRAO in May
  5. SKA imminent treaty formation and Canada’s place in it. Development of an SKA Regional Centre
  6. LSST participation possibilities and connections in Canada
  7. LRPIC will submit a paper to LRP2020 giving a retrospect of LRP2010.

We encourage all CASCA members to communicate issues and concerns to us.

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