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By / par Gerald Schieven (ALMA)
(Cassiopeia – Spring / printemps 2019)

Cycle 7 Call for Proposals

The Call for ALMA Cycle 7 Proposals has now been issued. Deadline for proposals is Wednesday 17 April at 13UT. It is anticipated that 4300 hours will be available for the 12m Array and 3750 hours for the Morita Atacama Compact Array (ACA). See the Call for Proposals for more information about the call and for links to useful documents. The Proposers’ Guide contains more information about the capabilities offered in Cycle 7.

If you’re relatively new to proposing for ALMA, you may be interested in attending an ALMA Proposal Writing Workshop at the University of Toronto on April 1. See below for details.

ALMA Proposal Writing Workshop

An ALMA Proposal Writing Workshop, to be held at the University of Toronto on April 1, is designed for all astronomers (including graduate students), in particular for those who do not regularly propose for time on r­­adio ­­telescopes but might be interested in one day using ALMA for their research.

The workshop will provide an overview of ALMA’s latest capabilities, a (very) brief discussion of interferometry fundamentals, ALMA-focused science talks, and a walkthrough of proposal preparation and ALMA simulator tools. The workshop is more than 2 weeks before the ALMA Cycle 7 deadline on April 17th. To register for the workshop, please visit the workshop website. Registration is free and lunch will be provided for registered participants. For more information, please see the workshop website, or feel free to email ALMA Ambassador Toby Brown.

Canadian ALMA Publication Statistics

By early 2019, barely 8 years since the start of Early Science, ALMA had already featured in over 1300 refereed publications. Canadian astronomers are continuing to make strong use of the facility and to make their mark in publications. In calendar year 2018 there were 49 refereed publications (13% of the total 380 in 2018) with authors/co-authors from Canadian institutions, of which 7 had a Canadian first author. Since 2012, when the first ALMA publication was released, 13% of ALMA publications have had at least one author/co-author from a Canadian institution, with 2.4% as first author.

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