LRP2020: Call for white papers

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the call for white papers for the Canadian Astronomy Long Range Plan for 2020-2030 (LRP2020). Due dates are as follows:
* Expressions of interest: UT 2300 on Apr 15th, 2019, via
* White papers: UT 2300 on Sep 30th, 2019 (instructions provided to those who submit EoIs)

LRP2020 will review the Canadian landscape for astronomy and astrophysics, and will produce a list of recommended priorities for the next decade. The resulting plan will serve as a single unified vision for the highest priority projects in astronomy in Canada over the period 2020 to 2030. See for details and terms of reference.

We now solicit white papers to inform the LRP2020 report. A white paper should be a self-contained description of a future opportunity for Canadian astronomy. A white paper will be most effective and useful if it concisely summarises an option that the LRP2020 panel should be considering for prioritisation.

White papers should adhere to the following guidelines:

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: An expression of interest (EoI) must be submitted in advance of a full white paper. An EoI submission requires a title, a contact person, a proposed list of co-authors (optional) and a 2000-character summary, and is submitted entirely via a web form (see below).

SCOPE OF EoIs AND WHITE PAPERS: Topics may include (but are not limited to):
* new facilities, experiments and missions
* proposed upgrades to current facilities, experiments and missions
* science programs, science topics and science themes
* instrument design and development
* laboratory astrophysics
* high-performance computing
* data analysis, data management and data storage
* outreach, education and teaching
* state of the profession
* training, careers, demographics and professional development
* equity, diversity and inclusion

AUTHORSHIP: Each EoI and white paper must have a designated contact person. Anonymous submissions will not be considered and all submitted EoIs and white papers will be made public via the LRP2020 web site. Confidential supplementary material (e.g., budgets, proprietary technical information) can be submitted separately to the LRP2020 panel; the relevance of this material  should be described in the public submission. There are no restrictions on the affiliations of co-authors, and no limit on the number of co-authors. Note that the number of co-authors will not necessarily be taken as an indication of the level of community interest.

FORMAT AND LENGTH: Submissions may be made in English or in French.

White papers must be submitted as PDF files, capped at a length of ten 8.5”x11” pages (including figures, tables, references and appendices), with a minimum of 11-point font and 2-cm margins. Submissions must be in PDF format, and should not exceed a file size of 30 MB. Submissions not meeting these requirements will not be considered.

White papers are not required to contain a specific set of sections or headings. Depending on the content, the following topics may be appropriate to include:
* connection or relevance to Canada
* timeline
* cost
* description of risk
* governance / membership structure
* justification for private submission of supplementary information

* EoIs: UT 2300 on Apr 15th, 2019, via
* White papers: UT 2300 on Sep 30th, 2019 (instructions provided to those who submit EoIs)

PUBLICATION: All submitted EoIs and white papers will be posted as public documents on the LRP2020 web page ( Teams wishing to submit supplementary confidential material will be able to indicate as such through the white paper submission process.

DISCUSSION AND QUESTIONS: We encourage open discussion on the coordination of EoIs and white papers using the LRP Slack workspace (see for links). Participants may use the existing topical channels, or to make new channels as appropriate. Questions about any aspect of the LRP2020 process can be posted on the #general channel on Slack, or sent by email to

Pauline Barmby and Bryan Gaensler
LRP2020 Co-Chairs, on behalf of the LRP2020 Panel

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