ALMA Matters


From/de Gerald Schieven
(Cassiopeia – Spring/printemps 2018)

Cycle 6 Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for ALMA Cycle 6 (Oct 2018 through Sept 2019) was issued on 20 March. The deadline for proposals will be 15:00UT on Thursday 19 April. A few new capabilities include circular polarization, stand-alone projects using the Norita ALMA Compact Array (ACA) at Bands 3 through 8, and more time available for science. See the Proposer’s Guide on the ALMA science portal for a full list of the Cycle 6 capabilities. The Millimetre Astronomy Group at NRC Herzberg, which acts as the Canadian node of the North American Regional Center, is available to provide assistance with proposing as well as data reduction. Contact Gerald Schieven for more information.

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