Director General, NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics

National Research Council of Canada
Director General, NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics

City: Victoria
Organizational Unit: Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics
Classification: MGT-4
Tenure: Continuing
Language Requirements: Bilingual Imperative CBC/CBC

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Your Challenge
Help bring research to life and drive your career forward with the
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The NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre plays a key
and vital role in the pursuit of knowledge in astrophysics and relevant
technologies. The Centre is responsible for the operation and
administration of astronomical observatories established by the Government
of Canada. Through the conduct of research and advanced technology
development with Canadian and foreign partners, HAA is a major player in
international astronomy. The Director General will lead the strategic
pursuits of HAA, identifying future directions that support the objectives
of NRC and the Canadian astronomical community. He/she will establish
research and development programs that are leading edge, working in
collaboration with both industry and universities. These activities
include advancing the Long-Range Plan that is created as a result of a
community-based planning initiative involving NRC, NSERC, the Canadian
Space Agency and the Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA).nThe Director
General will also play a leadership role in the transfer of technology.
He/she will manage approximately 120 scientific, engineering, technical
and administrative staff and a current continuing budget of approximately
$35M, The continuing budget includes contributions to International
Observatories in operational and developmental phases.

Screening Criteria
Applicants must demonstrate within the content of their application that
they meet the following screening criteria in order to be given further
consideration as candidates:

Ph.D. in astrophysics or a physics-related field from a recognized

For information on certificates and diplomas issued abroad, please see
Degree equivalency

* Significant experience conducting original research in observational
astronomy with an international reputation for excellence in the field.

* Experience managing multidisciplinary R&D programs.

* Significant and demonstrated scientific or engineering and technical

* Experience working on collaborative research with universities,
government and industry.

* Significant experience in building partnerships with national and
international organizations.

* Experience developing and maintaining strategic projects with senior
government officials, academic and industry leaders.

* Senior executive experience including a demonstrated ability to lead
change, build superior teams, motivate a diverse group of individuals, and
direct large-scale initiatives.

Condition of Employment
Secret (II)

Language requirements
Bilingual Imperative CBC/CBC

Note: In the event that no qualified bilingual candidates are identified,
NRC may consider unilingual candidates who will be required to commit to
achieving these levels within two years.

Information on language requirements and self-assessment tests

Assessment Criteria
Candidates will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

Technical Competencies

* Strong knowledge of the national and international astronomical research

* Knowledge of the Canadian innovation process, the structure of the
Canadian research and innovation systems, and the Canadian research

* Ability to effectively lead and manage a multi-faceted astronomical
organization in an R&D environment with a style and approach that supports
NRC¹s commitment to scientific excellence and its participative management
and entrepreneurship values.

* Demonstrated ability to successfully leverage, government, industry or
other partnerships to generate and deliver on ideas that would lead to
recognition of NRC¹s role in world-wide research and technology innovation.

* Strong knowledge of HAA¹s initiatives, programs and activities and their
potential for impact nationally and internationally.

* Recognized leadership in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.

* Ability to analyze complex information, make timely decisions and
communicate clearly with all internal and external stakeholders.

* Ability to manage in a scientific environment with in depth knowledge of
the different models of research operations while enhancing a
collaborative approach.

* Knowledge of the National Research Council, its mandate and strategic

Behavioural Competencies

Competency Profile(s)

For this position, the NRC will evaluate candidates using the following
competency profile: Management Competencies (MG)

View all competency profiles

Relocation assistance will be determined in accordance with the NRC’s

Salary Range
From $146,700 to $176,200 per annum.


* In order to ensure a prompt and efficient processing of applications,
candidates are encouraged to provide, along with their résumé, a detailed
covering letter explaining how they meet each of the requirements of this
position (education, experience, language requirements) by providing
concrete examples.  In addition, the candidate is encouraged to describe
in detail when, where and how he/she gained the experience.

* Candidates who have Second Language Evaluation (SLE) test results with
the Public Service Commission should include these results with their

* A pre-qualified list may be established for similar positions for a one
year period.

* NRC employees enjoy a wide-range of benefits including comprehensive
health and dental plans, pension and insurance plans, vacation and other
leave entitlements.

* Preference will be given to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of
Canada. Please include citizenship information in your Application.

* The incumbent must adhere to safe workplace practices at all times.

As an employer who values diversity in its workforce, we encourage
candidates to self-identify as members of the following designated groups:
women, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples and persons with
disabilities. Measures for accommodation are available to all candidates
retained for further assessment.

Please direct your questions, with the requisition number (4514) to:
Telephone: 613-990-1679

Closing Date: 24 August 2018 – 23:59 Eastern Time

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