Course Development Work — Content Expert/Curriculum Developer, Thompson River University (Deadline: March 25, 2014)

Announcement of Course Development Work
Content Expert/Curriculum Developer

Course number and name: ASTR 1141: Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System

Deadline for application: Applications will be reviewed beginning March 25, 2014. The position will be open until filled.

Project Type: New web-based course

Brief description of the project:
Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning (TRU-OL) is looking for a qualified content expert/curriculum developer to develop ASTR 1141: Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System. This introductory course provides a history of astronomy and the solar system, and is intended for non-science majors. Topics include: Telescopes and observing the night sky, ancient astronomy, space exploration, the Earth/Moon system, formation and evolution of the solar system, the planets, minor members of the solar system and the Sun.

Course Development Process:
The content expert/curriculum developer will work under the guidance of an instructional designer, and in collaboration with the course development team, to complete the following course development process:
1. Planning phase, including development of a detailed blueprint or course framework that includes reviewing learning outcomes and mapping out course activities, assessments and updated resources
2. Development of content, learning activities and authentic assessments, which are relevant and appropriate for a web-based course.
TRU-OL uses a collaborative approach to course development that involves interactive planning meetings and review sessions as needed.
The content expert/curriculum developer is expected to make effective use of any prescribed resources identified (ideally electronic resources, including TRU’s e-Library collection and article databases), and other materials and media as appropriate. TRU respects intellectual property laws and expects curriculum developers to accurately cite sources and identify material that may require copyright clearance.
Anticipated completion date of the project: October 31, 2014

Selection criteria:
The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:
— Relevant educational and professional credentials in physical sciences and/or physics (Master’s degree required, Ph.D. preferred).
— Appropriate and current knowledge, experience, and content expertise, preferably including distance education and post-secondary education experience.
— Recent and substantial experience in astronomy.
— Demonstrated ability to write in a clear and consistent style, with grammatical accuracy.
— Ability to meet deadlines.
— Demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative and consultative manner.
— Experience or training in facilitating online instruction an asset.

Submit cover letter including details of how you meet the selection criteria, CV or resume, *copies of transcripts, *instructional writing sample(s), and contact information for at least two references directly to, at TRU Open Learning.
*Note: If you are currently working, or have in the recent past worked, for TRU or TRU-Open Learning, it is not necessary to submit transcripts.
*Include one or two brief examples of your instructional writing (e.g. lesson outlines, learning activities, and elements of evaluation) with your application, or indicate the name(s) of any TRU Open Learning or BCOU courses that you have written. Response to this notification signifies that you are willing and able to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions of the project work. Thompson Rivers University is committed to the principle of employment equity.