Professor Christine Wilson is Elected to the Royal Society of Canada (Sept. 9, 2013)

This is an official CASCA Press Release.

It is with great pleasure that the Canadian Astronomical Society / Societe Canadienne d’Astronomie recognizes and applauds the election of Dr. Christine Wilson of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, to the Royal Society of Canada.

As Canada’s senior National Academy, the RSC exists to promote Canadian research and scholarly accomplishment in both of Canada’s official languages, to mentor young scholars and artists, to recognize academic and artistic excellence, and to advise governments, non-governmental organizations, and Canadians generally on matters of public interest (

Christine received her PhD in astronomy at Caltech in 1990 and moved to McMaster University in 1992. She has been the Canadian project scientist for ALMA since 1999 and is currently the principal investigator of three international projects: the Herschel Very Nearby Galaxies Survey, the JCMT Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey, and the SMA Luminous Infrared Galaxies Survey.

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Laura Ferrarese
CASCA President

Christine Wilson

CASCA Twitter Account (Sept. 19, 2013)

The new CASCA Twitter account (@AstroCanada) went live on September 19, 2013. Unlike most corporate Twitter accounts, the CASCA one is run by actual CASCA members. Each week, a new CASCA member will be given the keys and the opportunity to tweet about their work, observing trips, conferences and general life as an astronomer. More information and guidelines are available on the CASCA webpages. If you would like to take over the CASCA Twitter account for a week, please email Dennis Crabtree (