CASCA-Westar Speakers

The following Canadian Astronomers are volunteers with the CASCA-Westar Lectureship series. Hailing from across the country, and varied in their interests, these astronomers bring their passion for what they do to the public through events such as public lectures, star parties and classroom workshops. Many have also been amateur astronomers.

If you are interested in coordinating a CASCA-Westar Lectureship event in your community, please fill out the form. If you have a question, you can contact us at:

Most of our speakers are happy to tailor their talks to a specific topic, so if you have something specific in mind, please let us know! Several of our speakers are able to offer their talks in other languages where indicated. For French speakers, please see the French version of this page.

Jeremy Heyl, University of British Columbia
Sample Topics/Titles: The High-Energy Universe: More than meets the eye!
What can we learn by counting stars?
Other languages: Spanish, Italian
Doug Johnstone, National Research Council of Canada
Sample Topics/Titles: How stars and planets are made
Canadian Telescopes
Harvey Richer, University of British Columbia
Sample Topics/Titles: The Hubble Space Telescope
Cosmic Influences of Life on Earth
Light from the Universe
A Watcher of the Skies.
Louise Edwards, California Polytechnic State University
Sample Topics/Titles: Today’s largest galaxies, Stars: their lives and deaths, planets and exoplanets, women and minorities in science
Other languages: French
Levon Pogosian, Simon Fraser University
Sample Topics/Titles: Cosmic expansion, dark matter and dark energy
Einstein, Cosmology, and the Expanding Universe
John Blakeslee, Herzberg Astronomy & Astrophysics
Sample Topics/Titles: Our Universe: The View from the Centre
History of Astronomy
Supermassive black holes
Jaymie Matthews, University of British Columbia
Sample Topics/Titles: Exploring planets far, far away… Without hyperdrive
Listening to the music of the stars
Goldilocks and the three thousand worlds
Niayesh Afshordi, University of Waterloo/Perimeter Institute
Sample Topics/Titles: 100 years of Alice’s adventures in (Relativistic) Wonderland
Other languages: Farsi
Stanimir Metchev, The University of Western Ontario
Sample Topics/Titles: Homing in on Another Earth
Jon Willis, University of Victoria
Sample Topics/Titles: Cosmology
Life in the Universe
Mark Halpern, University of British Columbia
Sample Topics/Titles: Cosmology
The history of the stars
Terry Bridges, Okanagan College
Sample Topics/Titles: Solar system, life in the universe, globular clusters, observational evidence for dark matter, exoplanets, galaxies, dark energy and the accelerating universe, and telescopes and instrumentation.
Dave Hanes, Queen’s University
Sample Topics/Titles: O Thou Transcendent: the Representation of Astronomy in Music, Art and Literature
Globular Star Clusters: Jewels in the Sky
Optics for Astronomy: Seeing the Impossible
Christine Wilson, McMaster University
Sample Topics/Titles: New eyes on the cold universe: the Atacama Large Millimeter Array
Laura Parker, McMaster University
Sample Topics/Titles: The dark universen
Evolving galaxies
Life in the universe and extrasolar planets
Jason Rowe, Bishop’s University
Sample Topics/Titles: Exoplanets, Kepler Mission, James Webb Space Telescope, Search for Life
Stephane Courteau, Queen’s University
Sample Topics/Titles: What’s the Matter with our Universe?
Other languages: French
Sarah Gallagher, Western University
Sample Topics/Titles: Gasbags and Blowhards: Supermassive Black Holes in the Universe
Brenda Matthews, NRC Herzberg / University of Victoria
Sample Topics/Titles: Exoplanets, planetary systems, formation of planets
Renee Hlozek, Dunlap Institute, University of Toronto
Sample Topics/Titles: Anything from the big bang to dark energy, dark matter, inflation, participation of underrepresented groups in astronomy, South African astronomy, and astronomy on a global scale
Other languages: French, some ASL
Christian Marois, CNRC/Herzberg Astronome
Sample Topics/Titles: Exoplanets
Other languages: French
Marie-Eve Naud, Université de Montréal, Institut de recherche sur les exoplanètes (iREx)
Sample Topics/Titles: Exoplanets
Other languages: French

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