CATAC Committee

CASCA/ACURA TMT Advisory Committee



Michael Balogh (University of Waterloo) Chair
Sarah Gallagher (Western University), Vice-Chair
Stefi Baum (University of Manitoba)
Chris Wilson (McMaster University)
David Lafrenière (Université de Montréal)
Harvey Richer (UBC)
Greg Fahlman (General Manager of NRC-HAA, non-voting, ex-offcio)
Don Brooks (Executive Director of ACURA, non-voting, ex-officio)
Bob Abraham (CASCA President, non-voting, ex-officio)
Doug Welch, (Science Governor for Canada on TIO Governing Board, non-voting,
Tim Davidge (NRC, observer)
Luc Simard (NRC, observer)


Phone: 519 888 4567 x37518


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