CATAC Committee


The CASCA/ACURA TMT Advisory Committee


  • Michael Balogh (University of Waterloo) Chair
  • Sarah Gallagher (Western University), Vice-Chair
  • Stefi Baum (University of Manitoba)
  • Chris Wilson (McMaster University)
  • David Lafrenière (Université de Montréal)
  • Harvey Richer (UBC)
  • Greg Fahlman (General Manager of NRC-HAA, non-voting, ex-offcio)
  • Don Brooks (Executive Director of ACURA, non-voting, ex-officio)
  • Bob Abraham (CASCA President, non-voting, ex-officio)
  • Doug Welch (Science Governor for Canada on TIO Governing Board, non-voting, ex-officio)
  • Stan Metchev (TIO SAC, non-voting, ex-officio)
  • Tim Davidge (NRC, observer)
  • Luc Simard (NRC, observer)

Phone: 519 888 4567 x37518

Recent News

  • June 22, 2017:Thank you for the great response to our call for participation in TMT International Science Development Teams (ISDTs). A total of 28 applications have been forwarded. Assuming all are accepted, we will have 39 positions filled by Canadians, a 325% increase!! This is a wonderful response.
  • June 7, 2017: Thanks to those of you who participated in the discussions in Edmonton last week, and thanks to the LOC for allowing so much time for these to take place. We heard your plea for more communication about the project status and financial plan, and we are taking action. Look to our upcoming Cassiopeia article for more information.
  • May 9, 2017: Canadian applications to join International Science Development Teams (ISDTs) are welcomed at any time. It is very important that we have more engagement from Canadians on these teams, and CATAC will be happy to help you in any way we can. Please submit your applications to by June 19 and we will forward them to the appropriate people.

CATAC meetings
All meetings 4pm Toronto time unless otherwise stated

Date Topic Public or closed Support Documentation
Jan 24, 2017 Kickoff meeting closed
Feb 7 Update from Board and SAC meetings closed
Feb 21 First light instrumentation (minutes)
Presentation (Simard)
Feb 28 closed
March 7 What do Canadians expect from an ELT? (Minutes) public
March 14 ORM Site Characteristics (minutes) closed Schoeck Presentation
March 21 AO performance of TMT@ORM
Discussion slides
public Vernin et al. (2011)
TMT Image quality at Mauna Kea and LaPalma (Hickson, updated Mar 24)
Response to above (Schoeck/Vogiatzis)
March 28 bMICHI
public Packham presentation
April 4 Discussion of report outline closed
April 11 Discussion of Draft report closed
April 18 closed
April 20 LRPIC Meeting open
April 25 closed
May 9 Report from Board and SAC meetings closed
May 16 Discussion of proposed CASCA agenda and information package closed
June 6 CASCA/ACURA meeting summaries closed
June 20 Progress on project office engagement and ISDTs closed



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