Executive Award for Outstanding Service


The CASCA Executive Award for Outstanding Service is awarded to an individual who has made sustained contributions in service that have strengthened the Canadian astronomical community and enhanced its impact regionally, nationally and/or internationally. This may include, but is not limited to, innovations in education, outreach and support of research facilities or tools used by others.

The award is normally considered every second year, in even-numbered years, and consists of a cash prize of $1000, and a certificate, presented at the CASCA Annual General Meeting. The deadline for nominations for the 2016 award is Nov 20 2015.

The nomination procedure is to submit a 1 to 2 page letter of support to the CASCA President indicating the candidate’s qualifications, history of service, and impact of their service activities – both nationally and internationally.


2016 Executive Award for Outstanding Service

Ralph PudritzCASCA is pleased to announce that Dr. Ralph Pudritz of McMaster University is the 2016 recipient of the CASCA Executive Award for Outstanding Service.

In 1998 Dr. Pudritz was appointed the chair of the original Long Range Planning panel, the outcome of which was the highly influential LRP2000 report (“The Origins of Structure in the Universe”). Prior to this report, individual leaders and panels in various sub-disciplines had succeeded in developing Canadian involvement in a range of facilities and institutes, but LRP2000 was the first long-range plan that the Canadian astronomical community itself generated through a process of broad consultation, debate, and, ultimately, consensus. Dr. Pudritz drove this process forward with vision and energy. LRP2000 not only succeeded in cementing Canadian involvement in ALMA, TMT and the SKA (remarkable in the face of the very challenging funding climate), it also succeeded in transforming the process by which our community communicates our aspirations to the federal and provincial governments and other funding partners. The LRP2000 report became the model for future decadal plans that
have succeeded in developing a unified vision for Canadian astrophysics, and this success is in no small measurable attributable to the efforts of Ralph Pudritz and to his colleagues on the LRP2000 panel. Dr. Pudritz has subsequently gone on to develop the Origins Institute at McMaster University, a visionary research and teaching institute with a multidisciplinary focus on biology, mathematics, physics and astrophysics. This is another achievement well worthy of recognition by the Executive Award.

The Board of Directors of CASCA congratulates Dr. Pudritz on his distinguished career of scientific achievement, thanks him for his outstanding record of service to the community, and is honoured to award him the 2016 CASCA Executive Award.

Previous Recipients of the Executive Award are:
2014 Peter G. Martin For exceptional service to the Canadian astronomical community and his leadership in CITA and the Dunlap Institute. Full Citation.
2013 John B. Hutchings For sustained scientific achievement, technical contributions, and service to the Canadian astronomical community. Full Citation.
2010 James E. Hesser For exceptional service, and his leadership and contributions to IYA 2009

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