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To contact all CASCA members via the CASCA email exploder (listserver), please use the “Submit a News Item” form.

For questions related to membership, or to resign from CASCA, please contact the CASCA Secretary by sending an email to:

CASCA-Secretary at

For questions relaed to payment, please contact the Business Office by sending an email to:


If you are a Member of the Press and wish to learn more about a certain image or picture, please see our list of CASCA contacts:

CASCA Contacts

The President:

Roberto Abraham
Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics
University of Toronto
50 St. George Street (Room 101)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3H

Tel: (416)946-7289

CASCA-President at

The Secretary:

James Di Francesco
National Research Council of Canada
5071 West Saanich Road
Victoria BC  V9E 2E7
Tel: (250) 363-6925
Fax: (250) 363-0045

CASCA-Secretary at

The Business Office:

Susan Di Francesco
100 Viaduct Ave W
Victoria BC  V9E 1J3

The Press Officer:

Leslie Sage

Tel: (301) 675 8957

CASCApressofficer at

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