Comité étudiants de 2ème et 3ème cycle

Président :

  • Adrian Vantyghem, University of Waterloo

Vice-président :

  • Douglas Rennehan, University of Victoria


  • Clare Higgs, University of Victoria

Membres :

  • Mike Chen, University of Victoria
  • Simon Coudé (Université de Montréal)
  • Anna Ordog (University of Calgary)
  • Eric Koch (University of Alberta)
  • Robert Gleisinger (University of Manitoba)
  • Ryan Cloutier (University of Toronto)
  • Ryan McKinven (University of Toronto)

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Internal Committee Discussion

Mandate and terms of reference

The Graduate Student Committee, or GSC, was formed in 1998.  It’s mandate is to reflect the views of, and address issues important to, graduate students across Canada. The GSC consists of representatives of each institution in Canada which has a graduate program in astronomy and chooses to participate as well as an elected committee Chair and Secretary.  The job of the Chair is to represent the views and concerns of the committee to the CASCA Board of Directors, while the Secretary records minutes and ensures proper documentation of the GSC’s activities.

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