Computation and Data Committee

Internal Committee Discussion

Mandate and terms of reference

The Computation and Data Committee (CDC) has the important mandate of providing expert opinion on theoretical, computational and large database astronomy. The CDC will be composed of four members. The CDC will:

  1. Work on behalf of the CASCA Board to assess opportunities for participation in major projects identifying any gaps in needed facilities;
  2. Advise the CASCA Board on matters of priorities and areas of research while keeping the Board updated on the ongoing development, the evolution and the activities of the community they represent;
  3. Express the concerns of the scientific community they represent;
  4. Provide strategic guidance to the Board and the astronomical community in general and specifically for the Long Range Plan and the Coalition for Canadian Astronomy;
  5. Be ready to respond to special requests from the CASCA Board;
  6. Provide a report of activities and issues once a year to the Board in advance of the CASCA AGM. The Board may request an interim report if the need arises. The report will include: current members and term, suggestions for new members and/or chair, brief report of activities, any issues, questions, recommendations or requested actions for the Board.


CASCA’s views on Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Computing Needs: Present and Future

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